Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here is my Tuesday Teacup

Wow another Teacup Tuesday. The week sure has passed by quickly.

This teacup was given to me by my sweet daughter one year for Christmas. She brought it with her all the way from the windy city.

Isn't it beautiful? I love the dainty blue picture. And what really sends me is the words surrounding the saucer.

It says "May the Lord bless you and keep you, and give you peace." Number 6:24-26

This cup and saucer is called Kensington Blue.

My dear daughter knows how much I really like blue and white china. So she also gave me the teapot to go along with it.

Sigh, I wish you could join me for a spot of tea and a cream scone.

Have a most tealightful day!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a sweet tea set! I love blue and white china too!

blushing rose said...

Hadn't seen this pattern with any verse on it, before now. How lovely! We sell a ton of blue & white tea cups & tea pots ... I noticed in this months magazines that blue is coming back with a blast also. I love blue but can't live amongst it except in bedrooms ... never could figure this out. TTFN ~ Marydon

Crispy said...

What a pretty tea set. I don't have the scone but am raising my mug of Earl Grey to you :0)


Micki said...

I love your tea set. I just got my first teacup in the mail as a swap gift, and boy is it lovely. The first one is always special. I should start collecting myself.

Katie said...

That is a lovely set! The verse is such a nice touch! Happy Teacup Tuesday!

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Blue and White is my favorite too. What a nice set and what a lovely daughter to give that to you.

Kim said...

I would love to join you for a pot of tea and some scones if I could. Sounds like a perfect way to relax after a busy day at work.

Your blue and white teacup and teapot are beautiful.

Do you ever make your own scones? I have a great recipe for scones. They are so easy to make and they are yummy. If you want me to, I can Email you the recipe.

AverettLadyNana said...

What a beautiful teacup and teapot! Your daughter sounds like a keeper to me.
I never got around today to taking a picture of my teacup posting...maybe tomorrow I 'll get up.