Sunday, December 15, 2019

Day 15 - 31 Writing Challenge

What is your earliest sewing memory?

I did not grow up in a sewing home. My mom did not sew, and I did not have a grandmother around to teach me. So my earliest memory of sewing was learning in high school Home Ec class.

We made two garments that year. I went on to make other garments after I graduated. That was during the leisure suit days. 

 I sewed on a Featherweight, or rather I should say I wrestled with that machine. I ended up selling it after I got my first job and bought a Singer Stylist. That was before I knew that Featherweights had any value. I just wanted a machine that I could sew on effortlessly.

Any way I did not start sewing for quilts until after my second baby was born. After that I never sewed garments again :-)

What's your story?


Chantal said...

I grew up in houses of sewists. My mother made quilts; my foster mother was an excellent sewist and made wedding dress and everything else under the sun. My foster grandmother was also a quilter. I sew in Home Ec but didn't like it much. I had too much energy to sit at the machine for very long. So I really started to sew after all these wonderful women passed away. I'm basically self-taught because I don't remember much of what they taught me, lol. Out of needs, I started making clothes for my boys and then in 2003 started quilting. Still make pajamas for the boys but that's all the garments I make now. Quilts took over my sewing room. ;^)

Farm Quilter said...

My mom didn't sew. I did get some quilts made by my great grandmother that I cherish. I started sewing in 7th grade Home Ec and within a few years I was making all of my school clothes (we had to wear dresses back then). I quit sewing after high school until my first daughter was born. She was so tall and slender that it was difficult to find clothes for her so I sewed dresses for her as well. When I was pregnant with my second baby, I started hand-piecing a Lone Star quilt (all the diamonds were cut with scissors using a template). I got to the last three rows of the last star point only to find that I had only cut 2 diamonds, not three, and I couldn't find any more of that fabric. I can't even find the star now. I started quilting for real in January 2008 with a free class at my LQS and fell in love. I ordered my longarm in September 2008, so it over-took my life!!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My mother didn't sew. My father taught me how to use a sewing machine. My grandmother made clothes and her mother made quilts. I wasn't interested in sewing until college (by then my great grandmother was dead and my grandmother had Alzheimers). I didn't do much until 2001, when I took a quilting class at church. I've been quilting ever since, mostly self taught.