Thursday, October 1, 2020

Fire Survivors need


This came from Lura Frazey via Sarah

I am a volunteer with Quilts for Riverside Fire Survivors from Clackamas County, Oregon. You may have seen on the news recently that our state has had terrible wildfires this month after a once-in-a-hundred years wind event. Our group is collecting quilts so we can give a quilt to every person whose home burned in Riverside Fire. 

You can learn more about us here:

Anything you could do to help us spread the word about our need for quilts would be deeply appreciated. These families have lost everything and we are committed to wrapping them in a quilt. 

We need quilts of all sizes. Quilts can be sent to:
Attn: LLF
Easy E-Office, LLC
24361 S Upper Highland Rd
Colton, OR  97017

We appreciate it if people include their name and a way to contact them so we know who to thank for their generous, loving donation.