Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Christmas Cards


Have you picked up your mail today?? Was there a letter from a friend, or a package, or just bills and junk mail?

I've thought about how easy we have it in our world today. Most of us receive mail right at our front door. Packages arrive either by mail, or a delivery service like UPS or Fedex.

How hard it must have been years ago. The pioneers in our country waited weeks, or maybe even months to hear about their loved ones. Some people found out a year after a loved one had passed away. When receiving a letter, it was like receiving a gift. Family would gather around to hear the latest news from the letter being read.

During this season of the year, we tend to hear from family and friends that live far away. Christmas cards are still sent by way of postal. I love hearing from old friends and what has been going on in their lives during the past year.

Christmas cards are a rather recent addition to the holidays. Handwritten notes of holiday greetings preceded card giving. Artist John Calcott Horsley was approached by Henry Cole to design the first Christmas card in 1843. By the late 1860's, Christmas cards had become as popular as handwritten messages. Around 1875 Louis Prang, a Russian immigrant, is credited for designing the first multicolored cards. In 1915, the Hall Brothers, now Hallmark, sold a folded greeting card with an envelope in the United States. Billions of holiday greetings are sent by Americans in the mail each holiday season. 

The U.S. Postal Office Department introduced the first Christmas stamp on November 1, 1962 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Designed by Jim Crawford, one billion copies of the Wreath, Two Candles and the words "Christmas 1962" was produced that year.

Ref - Smithsonian magazine

American Holidays - Bill Perry



straythreads said...

Another great post thank you. Was this Mr Prang also the father of the famous Prang watercolor tins?
Merry Christmas

QuiltShopGal said...

What a delightful post. And I did just receive a beautiful Christmas card and gift from a special friend, but I'm not opening the gift till Christmas morning. Interesting history about Christmas cards, which I was not aware of. Thanks for sharing in so many ways.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I used to send cards every year, but I'd get stressed trying to get it all done. Now I only send cards every few years. I include a letter, letting everyone know what has been happening since the last card. This year, my cards may go out in January instead.

Jen said...

I received some Christmas Cards in the mail today ,Here in Australia, Card sending at Christmas
started much later as Australia is a younger country than European Countries didn't start till the 1900's Your nice post made me think more of Cards at Christmas.

Jen said...

The history about Christmas cards was nice to read .Here in Australia didn't start card sending till in the later years in 1900's as Australia is a younger country.