Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Holiday Food


Although the foods served for Christmas dinner may vary from family to family, typical items usually found at an American family's Christmas dinner would include turkey and dressing, potatoes and gravy sweet potatoes, green vegetables, cranberry sauce, nuts, fruit cake, pumpkin pies and sweets. 

Leaving milk and cookies for Santa is a custom popularized in the Great Depression as a way to show gratitude for blessings even in times of hardship.

Oranges in stockings 'tradition also started from the Great Depression when fresh oranges were a rare treat. The fruits segments represent the ability to share what you have during the season of giving.

Eggnog is usually the favorite drink for the whole family. The beverage itself dates back to the middle ages. The drink combines milk, eggs, alcohol, and spices. The first known use of the term "nog" was in 1693. One dictionary lists the word "eggnog" as an Americanism invented in 1765. In Britain the drink was originally popular with the aristocracy as the ingredients were expensive. When the recipe came to America, there were farms with access to eggs and cream and cheap rum and quickly became a favorite beverage for special occasions. 

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