Thursday, November 30, 2023

Well I tried

 This project has frustrated me from the beginning. We saw a sample in a quilt shop once and my quilting buddies and I loved it. So I worked on it and then put it away. Which is a common problem for me. Especially when I don't get the project done in time for the holiday.

So this year I decided to take another look. I ended up ripping out part of it, just to make it work. I'm not totally satisfied but it will have to do.

Have you ever had a project frustrate you to the point you wish you never started it?

Happy quilting anyway :-)


dgs said...

Yes, I have had such projects, but this looks lovely.

Helenchaffin said...

Yes I have cut quite a few up telling them that's ok your now a gonna be a scrappy block­čśä your block is beautiful but I understand the frustration when it's not going the way you want it to

Lori said...

I seem to have a lot of those projects, and they never get finished. Eventually, I just throw them away.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I've had a few projects like that. Some looked so easy, then became hard (sometimes to not writing the pattern well). Sorry!