Tuesday, July 12, 2016

An Elegant Facade - a review


Lady Georgina Hawthorne is in need of a husband. After years of planning, she is looking to marry well. Needing a husband who has money and is powerful, Georgina sets her sites on no one lower than a duke. You see, Georgina has a secret. One that would appear to the world as a defect.

When Colin McCrae enters her life, he is everything Georgina does not want. Although he has amassed a fortune, he is not of the aristocracy and has no title. Yet the one thing that draws her to him is his honesty and honor.

This book brought to light something that so many people deal with. Shame and embarrassment when you are not "normal." Georgina finds ways to hide her secret defect yet it becomes more and more of a struggle as she comes out into society. Her fear of being found out leads her to believe that God deems her as worthless. We all have some "defect" we struggle with. I find that many people go to great lengths to hide whatever it may be. It isn't easy to navigate when you are hard of hearing, have physical limitations, are illiterate, or are excessively shy. We find ways to compensate, to try to be part of the mainstream. For years I struggled with hearing loss, to the point where I did not attend certain gatherings, and tried to read the lips of the person speaking.

Georgina's story picks up where the first novel, A Noble Masquerade, leaves off. There is a little bit of overlapping, so that the story can be read as a stand alone. Because I had read the A Nobel Masquerade, I felt that the beginning was a bit slow. But I was enthralled by Georgina's strength, cunning, and ingenuity in tackling her challenges. I found that under her thick skin was a caring, sensitive and lovely young lady. And Colin did too :-)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for my honest review.