Monday, July 25, 2016

Money for Quilting challenge

What could be more fun than to save your change to buy more fabric? This is too much fun to miss!

Val's Quilting Studio is hosting the 4th annual Piggy Bank Savings challenge.  You can sign up until August 1st. I figured I would just drop my change into a box and see where it ends up.

This is my box -

I emptied my change purse into the box to give it a start.

 And then I had an idea. I always collect change from my hubby and carry it in my car for emergencies. You know, like I needed a sweet tea, or a milk shake :-) I wasn't sure how much change had accumulated, so I raided the change stash... 

and lookee! 

Now this is an impressive start!

How much cold hard cash can you save in a year?  Sign up and let's see!

woo-hoo! This makes for Happy Quilting!


Susan said...

We have a jar that we put our spare change in. Our "go-to" when the grands come for special activities:-D

margaret said...

I ave a jar I pit my 1, 2, 5 and 10p pieces in but it takes forever as I usually shop by debit card not cash