Monday, January 24, 2022

What's been going on

The lovely pictures of snow have been screening the blogs. Most everyone is steeped in, with the cold weather bearing down. We, of course have not had any snow, but we have had brisk cold. The forecast is the mid to low 30's the next few nights.  It's been a crazy two months. I have been basically homebound, recovering first from a back injury, followed by a UTI and from Covid, enjoying my nice warm house. Not much fun as I'm not feeling up to doing much. Reading, doing lots of reading. 

So instead of snow, this is my view.

Starting my little garden plants.
I hope you are staying well and warm!


Darlene S said...

You have a beautiful view. Good to see it is warm enough to start a vegetable garden. I should probably start thinking about doing the same. I do so hope you soon feel 100% better in all possible ways.

Sandy said...

I much prefer your view over snow in person on in pictures. Nice to see pretty flowers and your view with trees (Like Oaks with moss?) so peaceful and pretty. Hope tomorrow is better for you. Recovering from Covid and surgery, wow, so sorry to hear that. Spotted you on a mutual friends blog and thought I'd pop into say hi. It's always fun to meet new bloggers.