Thursday, January 27, 2022

Dyes in your fabric?


The sage continues. Recently Heartspun Quilts wrote a blog post about fabric bleeding. Several years ago I wrote a blog post about reds bleeding. You can find it HERE.  

As we all may have experienced this at one time or another, I thought it was a good lesson to review. I hope this information is helpful.


Patty McDonald said...

This is a lesson that needs repeating...many times. I made a couple of red quilts using quilt shop fabric thinking they wouldn't run...WRONG!! Every time I use red fabric now, I pre-wash it a couple times and add a color catcher. I no longer have a problem with red fabrics bleeding. Thank you for this reminder or advice to someone using red for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Though prewashing fabric helps, the best way I’ve found to make sure fabric doesn’t bleed at all is to use Vicki Welch’s method (see, which involves hot water soaking in Dawn dishwashing liquid. Generally, I assume that anything with bright/intense/dark colors will bleed, and use Vicki’s method. Yes, it takes more time, but not nearly as much as making a quilt.