Friday, May 27, 2022

Pass it on


My home has always been filled with the aroma of printed paper. Ever since I was a young child, a book was a friend who would go with me and fill my life with entertainment. Books capture my imagination and take me to places I will never visit. I relish entering into the lives of characters who often defy odds. 
When we travel, I make it a habit of searching out places where older books are sold. I found a half price book store in Minnesota, and there's always a wide variety of books at the Goodwill or Hospice thrift stores. Have I found treasures? Yes, I often find out of print books or by some of my favorite authors. 

One thing has perked a question in my mind. With all of the ebooks on Kindle and other hand held devices, what is happening to the printed word? Will we still go to the library or book store to acquire a solid, page turning book? Maybe one day books will become obsolete, but for now I think not. I recently went into two thrift stores, and is my habit, went to the book section. As I stood there, head leaning to the right searching out titles, the whole section filled with people. It becomes a bit of a treasure hunt, mostly because the books are not sectioned. But oh the fun and thrill of finding that one special prize. A title, or an author that will take me away to places where my imagination will fill in the gaps. 

Let's not lose the love of books. I've passed that love on to my children. And I hope they will pass it on to the next generation.


Annelein said...

Here mostly real books. A device cant compare with the crisping of the paper. And also its so much more relaxing.

Patti A. said...

May real paper books never disappear !!!

carol l mckenna said...

Even though I have an ereader ~ I still have books and love them! Zo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Patty McDonald said...

My dad passed the reading on to me.
Only read printed paper and I prefer hard back books.