Wednesday, June 22, 2022

A little chat

My garden seems to be done. The heat has been pretty unbearable for this time of year. It feels more like August than June. This was the last of my harvest.

I have never had much of a green thumb when it comes to growing veggies. I like to plant flowers in my yard, but vegetables have always been a challenge, with bugs and heat and all.

My daughter took me to Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago and I bought this really cute fabric.

My plan was to make a table runner for the 4th of July. But I have not been able to find my go-to table runner pattern. 

For years I have used A Star for All Seasons, and love it. But I have looked and looked and cannot put my hands on it. It is an older pattern by Quilt in a Day, so I may have to just order another one.

My daughter and hubby went to game 6 of the Lightening game. 

They had a blast when the Bolts won that one. They said people just milled around and didn't leave the stadium after the game, so much excitement.  Lets see if they can pull off another win for the Stanley Cup.

Anyone working on anything new? I'm hoping to get back to quilting soon. Physical Therapy has been progressing but the new exercises are working muscles I have not used in years. :-s


Patty McDonald said...

I'm working on bags for Ethiopia. We have a pastor that goes to Ethiopia and provides Christian churches with these bags to be distributed to those that attend the church service. My sewing group has made bags (15in x 19in and lined) for years for this purpose. A local church fills them with a ladies scarf, mans ball cap, girls sun dress, and boys shirt. Rice and chicken food are add in country of destination. Kind of mundane sewing but so worth it knowing it's ministering to someone in a third world country.
Glad to hear you are healing. I know it's never fast enough for our liking.
That fabric is so cute that I'm heading to Hobby Lobby today and see if there is any left. Love the scooter and woody wagon!
Our garden is doing well. I should say the things that didn't get eaten are doing well. We've had a big problem with critters eating the beans, squash, and corn. They don't seem to like tomatoes or bell peppers so I'm freezing a lot of those.
Have a blessed day.