Thursday, June 2, 2022

The joys of therapy

 Ten weeks ago, I slipped and fell in our pond, breaking my shoulder. My hubby said I could have drown if I had hit my head. But I am thankful and blessed that it did not happen that way. So, for the last four weeks this is where I have been spending my time.

Physical Therapy and I have been pretty close. It has been painful to try to regain mobility to my left arm. 

This is a really nice place. Very clean, spacious, and therapists are really nice. It's been slow going. My Orthopedic Dr did not see enough bone growth, so PT has stayed the same. But I can see that I have made some inroads in improvement. I'm just praying that I can regain enough movement to get back to life. It has been a bit discouraging because you know how it is. You want to do things and just can't. Trying to gain enough courage to start driving again. 

I've been trying to figure out what I can do, as I have been cooped up and isolated. I know it takes time, and I'm trying to be patient, 

I am hoping you all are enjoying some happy quilting :-)


D.L. Austin said...

Hang in there! It does get better. I watched my 88 year-old mother go through this. She fell last the December. She now has regained almost all of her motion. May your recovery continue!

Barbara said...

It takes a long time. I broke my shoulder in December of 2020, and I'm still having some mobility issues. It continues to get better though, and so I'm optimistic. It's no fun though, being cut off from favorite activities, and I really *hate* physical therapy. Chin up. This too shall pass.

O'Quilts said...

life as we know it changes in a second...Carry on..walking thru the fire to get to the other side is not easy but worth it xo

Patti A. said...

One day at a time, as the song goes!! Wishing you the best and a quick recovery.