Monday, April 22, 2024

I'm inspired

Isn't it fun to visit quilt shops? Inspire is the largest quilt shop in our area. Since the pandemic, most of the quilt shops have closed. And two more are slated to close soon. Inspire will be moving. The owner has sold the building and is retiring. But I was told they have a new location and will be moving in the summer.  Of course they are having sales so they won't have to move ALL the fabric.

Always lots of inspiration.

And a peek through the glass
Happy Quilting!


Elaine Adair said...

My LQS changes as the economy changes - in the past has sold yarns, clocks, books, machines, fabrics, household goods, family sells trees, cattle, welding services, etc. It's the ONLY one for 60 miles. Hope they continue into the next economical phases! Good luck to the shop you featured. Things are tough out there!

Kim said...

It's always fun to wander through a quilt shop. So many pretties to tempt us. I love the blue quilt on display; 'tis gorgeous!