Friday, April 12, 2024


 Yellow. That's the color I always thought I never had much. But when I was organizing my fabric recently, I discovered yellow!

I've been putting fabric in baskets by color. And as such, I have been digging in my stash.

And would you believe I found that I had yellow! Plenty of it. Some were mixed in with the neutrals, and others were just here and there. 


I like this system I have starting using.. 

Over the years, my fabric has gotten out of control  But the baskets are great. Easy access and easy to grab a piece of fabric in whatever color I need.  

How about you. Do you have a system for your fabric stash?


Helenchaffin said...

my first thought was what we yelling Oh too then the coffee kicked in "yellow"🤣 I think my fabric systems are getting out of control 😄 large cuts in a tote,anything smaller than 1/4 yd up in a tote,small scrappy scraps devided by color, crumbs in a gal ziplock

dgs said...

Beautiful. I truly don't have much yellow in my stash, yet I love yellow. I rotate how I organize my fabrics, but for the most part of my quilting life I organize by color too. For a few years I had organized by compatible fabric for a project, where I kitted fabrics that I thought would work. It was a fun way to organize and well as eventually changed back to baskets by color. I also have a few baskets that are novelty prints (e.g. christmas, seasonal, patriotic, etc) and some that are just scraps rolled and in a bin of mixed. colors.

Susan said...

I initially had my fabrics sorted by yardage (half-yards, 1 yard, 3 yards, etc.) That hasn't been real handy. I am now working on storing by color. A few fabrics have their own category, such as music, novelties, and animals. I think it will always be a work in progress.