Thursday, April 25, 2024


 I'm sure many of you know this method already, but I'm sharing it today because I found it to be so much easier than cutting half square triangles.

Start with 10" squares right sides together.

Draw an X line point to point.

Then sew all the way around the 10" block 

Cut on the drawn line diagonally each way.
This is what happens....

Give a quick press

Sew them together

You can make all different figurations with these half square triangles.

I'm going with this one.

Happy Quilting!

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Pat at Bell Creek Quilts said...

Thanks for sharing this hst technique!

Helenchaffin said...

Thanks for the shortcut reminder,I usually think of shortcuts after I'm halfway in😂

Susan said...

This seems easy enough to a me. Just wondering what size the resulting half-square triangles are.

Denise said...

That is definitely one quick method, love your fabric. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

Kim said...

Isn't it wonderful we have all these tricks to help us fashion quilts quicker. I love this method of making hst's. That floral fabric is a pretty one.