Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blog Central

I have only been blogging for a short while. Meeting so many delightful quilters has been a bonus to blogging. If you have a chance to visit some of these wonderful ladies, please stop in here, here and here. When you visit Valerie's blog, be sure to take a side trip to her Mom's blog. She is such a precious and beautiful lady. How about one more. If your style leans towards shabby chic, check out Under a Blue Moon. She is a very talented lady and her sister is an incredibly wonderful quilter too.

As a side note, I have found some very talented local folks too. I recently ordered a purse pattern from Purse-O-Nalities of Palm Harbor. I ordered the "To Patch or Not to Patch" purse. It has 5 different looks. I am so excited to make a couple of these purses. She has a very nice selection of purses in all sizes. Another very crafty lady is from Piney Patch Quiltworks
Have you ever seen a quilt in a jar?? I found Linda's website from my friend Patti. Patti writes some really insightful blogs. Some are on crafts, and others are on homemaking.

Well I have shared a few of my finds. If you have a little time to browse through and visit, I think you will enjoy the company of these very talented creative ladies. Please also check out my blog roll, as there are more inspiring crafters then I could list here. They do not know that I have shared about their blogs, but I hate to keep a good thing to myself.


Lindsey said...

I'll go check those folks out...very sweet photo.

Unknown said...

Well all I can say is that for a "new" blogger, you sure have it down pat. Great blog and a cute photo too.