Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How do you..........

.... display your quilts? It's fun to find different ways to display my quilts. There are several different wall hangers that I have used for displaying my quilts.

This quilt hangs in my bedroom. I love the roses in this quilt. It was made and hand quilted by my sister in love. She is a very good quilter and we have a lot of fun together. I found this quilt rack at Wally world on clearance for a whopping $10!! I bought 3 of them.

This quilt hanger was found at a local quilt shop.
I thought it was so perfect for this spot. I made
this quilt from a magazine pattern, but I only
made half of it! It fits in this corner perfectly, and
covers the electrical box.

This hanger is displayed in my dining room. My sweet sister in love gave me this bow shaped hanger one year for my birthday. Did I mention that she is a great quilter?? I love the pattern for this quilt because there is no pattern! We just got together and sewed strips, cutting them apart and sewing them back together. It was so much fun. And a great way to use up some stash.

Last year at Paducah, I found this wonderful hanger. I love this hanger because it does not damage your quilt in any way. It has a clever device to open the hinged pieces.

It has a soft touch grip and keeps your quilts away from the wood. They come in all sizes and beautiful wood finishes. They can even add a strip of your fabric to the front panel to match the quilt that is hanging. It is made right here in the good ole US of A by Lorie's Little Quilts.

They do have a website, if you are interested in taking a look. I don't know if they will be in Paducah this year, because Lorie told me last year they were adopting two little children, so that may hinder their traveling to shows. Here is their website - www.LoriesLittleQuilts.com. It's so fun to find something new, that will enhance your quilting.

Happy Quilting!


Millie said...

You display all your quilts so lovely. They all have a different look. I just buy a black curtain rod and use that for a quilt hanger.

Unknown said...

Actually, I don't display them at all. My house is very modern, black and white, not too coloured at all. I do keep a lap quilt around for just fun. All the others are on a shelf in my "studio" in the basement.
I don't have that many left as I keep giving them away...
But all the ones left are taking a trip to the cottage and I display them there....

andsewon said...

I just use drapery rods.
Do have 2 wooden shelves waiting for DH to attach the dowels too though...;-)
Yours are all so lovely with your pretty quilts on them.

Crispy said...

I don't have any to display, I like making them and giving them away :0)


Micki said...

I love the way you display your quilts. So innovative and beautiful!

Jodi Nelson said...

The star quilt hanger, I MUST have! I've Never seen one.

Shasta Matova said...

I haven't had much luck in finding quilt hangers, maybe because I'm a cheapskate. Yours are all beautiful. My quilts are draped on chairs - folded on a quilt rack, and some are in storage. I did buy a curtain rod that I hung up in two walls of my house - I use them for my rotating display of wall quilts. I like the way they look.