Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a fun day!

We were on the run for 10 straight hours! Started the day at Starbucks for some java. Then headed to a new gift store called Robin's Nest. Such a cute place, with all kinds of really neat things. Then we were off to the quilt shop. I found this little piece of pretty pink fabric on the sale rack. Of course I could not pass this one up.

Then a quick lunch at Panera, and off to the next quilt store. this pretty quilt graced the window!

Don't you just love it! It had a few Dick and Jane fabrics but the rest were bright and cheery.

We found another really neat gift shop in the same shopping center, and we marked it in our books, as we will return.

Our final quilt shop destination was at the end of the rainbow.

What an incredible store. I believe they are the largest quilt shop in Florida. You would not believe how many bolts of fabric they carry. And a sale wall with hundreds of fabrics for about $4 a yard!

I love digging around in antique and thrift stores. These bags were my treasure find today.
The bag on the right was full of some doily/lacey things. It was stapled close so I could not check out the contents. It was marked $1.00. So when I opened the bag, it was quite a surprise to find all of these inside.......

Seven doilys and one lace strip. Wow! That was certainly my "find" of the day!

We finished the day by treating ourselves to supper at GrillSmith. What a delicious meal. I had never been there before, but it is certainly worth a return visit.

We picked up the Country Register in one of our visits. There was a free embroidery pattern on one of the pages. If you go to The Noble Wife website, she has other free patterns for you to enjoy.

Hope you had a wonderful day too!


Lindsey said...

love that lacy stuff too! I've got a bunch of it!

Lindsey said...

By the way...I'm exhausted! That's a lot in one day!

Jodi Nelson said...

That quilt in the window is beautiful! ooxx`jodi

Unknown said...

I love lacy things, although didn't ever know what to do with them. My daughter loves that stuff and just simply drapes them in her rooms.

Crispy said...

What a wonderful day you had....I'm so jealous.


Amy Friend said...

I am sooooo jealous of the lace things! I love lace. What a find!

Sand and Sunshine said...

I was paging back through your blog looking for something else I thought I'd seen a while back, when I stumbled on this. Rainbow's End hu? :D I've been there once. A great shop that seems to go on and on. Did you have to travel very far to get to it? It's about half an hour give or take from me.