Monday, April 19, 2021

Growing things

Spring weather always gets me outside and in the garden. I recently set out to plant some veggies.

Cilantro and basil in a container.

Three tomato plants surrounds by marigolds to ward off nematodes.

And the dill is starting to break through. I've never had much luck with dill. So hopefully they will hang on this time.

A couple of years ago, I was buying tomatoes from Sam's. The cashier told me she saved the seeds and planted them with much success. I had never tried before. So I just sprinkled the seeds from a tomato into a planter and this is the result!  

How does your garden grow?


Carol S. said...

Looks like a beautiful garden to me, Jocelyn. Our flowers are blooming and our garden is planted. Here's to both of us have lots of great fruits and veggies!

Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

I've also had good luck using tomato seeds to start new plants. Even when a tomato on a vine may get a bite from a bird, I'll let it dry out and later plant the seeds. I love home grown tomatoes. Good luck with your garden this season Jocelyn.

Sherrill said...

I have 2 black krim tomatoes that are really HUGE! Can't wait to taste the tomatoes. Also have a couple of jelly bean tomatoes and 2 others plus a green pepper, sugar snap peas, okra, cilantro and green beans. If only half of it produces, I'll be happy!