Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Taking a look

Last week I took a chance and visited a local quilt shop. I say a chance, because I have not been quilting for almost a year now. But the quilt shop sent me a birthday discount. I have not been in that store for at least a couple of years.

Sweet Darlings is located in a very unconventional location. Not really near anything. So it is a little bit of a drive for me. 

The one thing I noticed right away was they had a lot less material then before. Quite a bit less. Still the fabric they had was beautiful. 

I think they are really counting on machine quilting, because I ran into a friend who was picking up quilts. And I know my SIL also takes her quilts up there.

The main reason I went was to try to gain some inspiration. My daughter has asked me to make her an "adult" quilt.  Nothing smutty you understand. But most of the quilts I have ever made for her are pink, pink, PINK! 

So even though I didn't really find anything, or even much inspiration, it was a pleasant visit.


Elaine Adair said...

mmm, something "adult"? I'm curious what that might be compared to pink, pink, pink. I made my daughter one of Bonnie's oh yes, it was Garden Party, teeny pieces but great fun and scrappy of course. Good Luck - I'll be watching.

Patti said...

Sure hope you get back your desire to quilt, even just a small quilt for a charity. I'm betting it will jump start your love of quilting again. Wish I had someone asking for a quilt.