Friday, December 30, 2022

Best of 2022 - A full year

This hasn't exactly been the best year for me. Started off with a UTI, went to the walk in for antibiotics and picked up Covid there :-( Then in March I fell and broke my shoulder. Sigh..... But I often take stock of my quilting finishes this time of year. I have not had much mojo, but I did finish a few things.  

After I fell and broke my shoulder, all sewing and quilting stopped.

As I was recuperating I was able to decorate these dish towels.

Slowly I was able to work on these charity quilts.

And then back to regular quilting.

The last two for Christmas gifts. 

And between quilts the countless pillowcases for Ryans Case for Smiles. 

 In addition to quilting, 33 Book reviews in 2022. Not including the additional books I read that were not up for review.

I hope your year was full and rewarding.