Monday, December 12, 2022

Quilt shop hopping

 Last week my quilting partners and I took a day trip to visit local quilt shops. There aren't many left in our area, so we thought we would see what the shops had to offer.

The first one was Rainbows End. Rainbows End used to be a huge quilt shop in Dunedin, but closed about a year ago. I recently learned that a new one had opened in Clearwater. Come to find out it is a relative of the original owners. 

It was a descent size.  But many of the fabrics were of the old stock from the original store. There were a lot of new pre-cuts.

The next stop was Country Quilts and Bears. 

The place was hopping with a class going on. 
But it was fun and the did have a lot of beautiful fabrics.

Owners John and Marilyn are always so sweet and kind.
And busy, busy, busy.

The last shop, which I visited myself was Sweet Darlings. It's a small shop north of Tampa. 

I bought the pattern for this last quilt. I loved the color choice. I believe that Missouri Star has a tutorial.

Well, I hope you are getting all your Christmas projects done.  
Happy Quilting!


dgs said...

How fun to spend a day with friends Quilt Shop Hopping. And, how exciting to have a "new" store open up. That is wonderful news. I used to have 18 in my county, but I think we are now down to 5. But I'm happy we have those still in business.