Friday, May 26, 2023

Spring cleaning

It is wise to regularly clean your machine. Sometimes we get in a hurry and forget that our machine has been a little work horse. It's a good habit to clean and check your machine after you have sewn a couple of projects. 

I use this kit that attaches to my vacuum cleaner. It has several different size attachments to get to all the places you need to clean out. 

Take the throat plate out, remove the bobbin, bobbin case and hook race (if you have one). Clean under the feed dogs and around the bobbin area with a small brush. 

Don't forget to add a drop of oil to the hook before returning it to the machine. Check your machines manual regarding any area that might need oiling. Using only a small drop for each spot. 

One final hint. Always unplug your machine when you finish for the day. If for some chance there is a power surge, your machine, especially ones with electronics, will fry.

A surge protector will help, but we had a TV fry from a surge, even with a protector. Unplugging only takes a minute, and can save you a headache and a bundle.

You can easily maintain your sewing machine by yourself, but it is good to have your dealer check it over every couple of years. Your machine is your best friend and will give you years of service if you take the time to care for it properly. 

Happy Quilting!


Maureen said...

Thank you for this great reminder! I tend to take my machines for granted but they need some TLC too. :)

Bill said...

I had a computer that died because of a power surge. since then I always use one.