Monday, August 24, 2009

Something old and something new

I enjoy picking up older quilting and craft publications. Although the fabrics and colors can be somewhat dated, they are a source of inspiration and patterns.

When I find these books at the library book store or thrift stores, I look them over to see if there is anything I think I could use.

I am not particularly artistic, so even the simplest patterns will find a home in my library.

I run into this book quite often. It was published in 1984 but the patterns are still usable for today.
Remember the rosy posy type pattern that came out a couple of years ago? It was this basic design, but layered and sewn on top to make a raggy type quilt.

This one is cute for hand stitching.

So don't just walk past those older publications. You may find something that you can use in a fun little project.

Fiona over at Mother's Cupboard has shared a beautiful table runner pattern that you might like to check out. It is her gift to you.

And while you are out and about, be sure to check out this lovely little giveaway over at Calamity Jane's Cottage. Bonnie is very generous.

And one last bit of stitchy news, check out Bloom's blog to read about the Stitchers Angel project. There are seven designers sharing stitching patterns all with a "rose" theme. Two have already been released and they are very cute projects.

Have a happy quilty day :-)


Molly said...

I find lots of useable projects and patterns in older books. And it's a good thing too because that's about all my library has! :-(
And how's the foot? I hope you're back to your old self soon!

Rebecca said...

I have that EXACT Scrap Savers Stitchery Book. Bought it around the time my girl was born in 1984. I still thumb through it all these years later.

Thanks for sharing my friend. Always a joy to visit!

Love to you,


Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Old books are always great for reference and one can always "up date" a pattern. Just loved looking at your collection. blessings,Kathleen

Mary said...

I also have quite a collection of quilt patterns and books. We have a wonderful quilt store here that also gives lessons and they are so friendly...great for beginners like me. I'm thinking about making some "jellyrolls" out of my stash, but a little afraid to cut before having a pattern in mind...maybe I'll get those books out now and get organized! Mary

Valerie said...

That is so smart. I still haven't learned to do any embroidery but hope to some day. I have been so busy this summer so I am actually looing forward to fall.

Allie said...

I enjoy looking at the older books too - and magazines. Our library used to have a used bookstore where I found tons of old quilt mags, they were great!

Crispy said...

I don't often see older publications, but have a few that have projects I will do...someday. It's fun to see how fabric choices change through the years.


Loralynn said...

I just recently went through a box I haven't been in in 15 years (since I last moved - I know, I'm bad). Guess what I found! Quilt books I had forgotten I owned! You are right, they are fantastic inspiration!